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Fall 2024 season

ELITE SuperStars (3-5 years old) PROGRAM INFORMATION:
The Elite SuperStars program is designed to introduce players to soccer in a fun-filled and age appropriate setting. Players will laugh, learn and love soccer!

SuperStars: 3 year olds
All 3 year old classes meet 1x/week for 45 minutes.  At practice players will play fun games both with and without the ball!

SuperStars: 4 & 5 year olds
All 4 & 5 year old classes are designed to meet 2x/week for 45 minutes. 1x for practice and 1x for Saturday morning games.
At practice players will play fun games both with and without the ball! Saturday morning games will be 4v4 formatted around learning the game and enjoying the fun!

SuperStars 3-5 year old practice dates (6 weeks):
First week of practice: 9/9/2024
Last week of practice: 10/14/2024
(Practices are 45 minutes long)

4-5 year old games (6 Saturday game days):
First game day: 9/14/2024 
Last game day: 10/19/2024 

Practice and Game Location:

St. Peter Lutheran Church and School:

111 W. Olive St., Arlington Heights

St. Peter Field Map/Layout 

Games are on Saturdays scheduled between 8:30am-12:00pm (Please arrive 10 minutes before games begin). The specific times for games will be released 1 week before the first game day.

Pre-K  (4-5 yr old) SuperStars Game Schedule - Click Here! 

SuperStars Fall 2024 Registration Schedule: Ensure the day and time you're looking for by August 15th!  

For the 2024-2025 club teams and programs, Elite Soccer will charge a credit card transaction fee (3.65%) or a bank/debit transaction fee (2.7%) on all purchases made with a credit or debit card. This fee covers the costs associated with processing payments. By implementing this fee, we can better allocate resources to improving our services, enhancing player/team experiences, and maintaining competitive pricing throughout our programs.

3 year olds.  Monday. 9:30-10:15am. 9/9-10/14 . $100.00. Register here! 

3 year olds.  Monday. 5:10-5:55pm. 9/9-10/14 .  $100.00. Register here!

3 year olds.  Wednesday.  5:10-5:55pm.  9/11-10/16.  $100.00 Register here!

3 year olds.  Thursday.  9:15-10:00am.  9/12-10/17.  $100.00 Register here!

3 year olds.  Saturday.  9:00- 9:45am.  9/14-10/19. $100.00 Register here!

4-5 year olds.  Monday/Sat Games.  9:30-10:15am. 9/9-10/14 $130.00 Register here!

4-5 year olds.  Monday/Sat Games.  5:10-5:55pm.  9/9-10/14 $130.00  Register here!

4-5 year olds.  Tuesday/Sat Games.  9:30-10:15am.  9/10-10/15.  $130.00.  Register here!

4-5 year olds Tuesday/Sat Games.  1:45pm-2:30pm.  9/10-10/15.  $130.00.  Register here!

4-5 year olds Wednesday/Sat Games.  1:00-1:45pm. 9/11-10/16.  $130.00.  Register here!

4-5 year olds Wednesday/Sat Games.  5:10-5:55pm. 9/11-10/16.  $130.00.  Register here!

4-5 year olds Thursday/Sat Games.  9:15-10:00am.  9/12-10/17 $130.00.  Register here!

REFERRAL DISCOUNT Refer a new participant/family and you both will receive $10 off prior to registering!
Email Rob Moore the new family name to receive the discount. (If either of you register before receiving the $10 off coupon code, you will be given the discount as a future credit and not as a refund.)

Game Dates (4-5 Year Old's Only): Every Saturday from 9/14-10/19. 

Game Schedule (4-5 Year Old's Only) - TBD! 


  • St. Peter Lutheran Church & School (Main Location) (111 W Olive St, Arlington Heights, IL 60004)

Game Day Reminders & Information:

  • Please arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to kickoff and check-in with the coach on your field.

  • Please check your game schedule weekly for any schedule changes.

What to bring to Game Day:

  • Yellow Game Day Shirt 

  • Soccer cleats and shin guards recommended for safety purposes.

  • Water bottle


How do you know if the practice session is canceled?

To keep our players and families better informed on weather updates, we are using RainoutLine.com . Please note: your specific class on the app will ONLY be updated by the coach when there needs to be an update to the class due to a cancelation or delay because of lightning/thunder. If practice is good to go, it will stay showing as a green color meaning "the class is running" and there is no need to continuously update the class daily on the coaches end.

Click Here for RainoutLine Instructions

Policies and Procedures 

How do I know if my practice or game is canceled?

What to bring to Practices: Water Bottle, Size 3 Soccer Ball (Shin guards and cleats recommended, but not mandatory).
What To Bring to Game Day: 
Water Bottle, Yellow Elite t-shirt (Shin guards/cleats recommended, but not mandatory).
Program T-shirt: 
Players will receive their Yellow Elite t-shirt at the first class or game, but there are no dress requirements for practices.

St. Peter Field Map/Layout - 111 W Olive Street, AH

*Parking Note*: On weekdays please park on the East Side of Highland Ave or in either School Parking Lot. No Parking on West side of Highland Ave. next to homes. This is for safety reasons.

Practice & Game Day links:
Please arrive 10 minutes before games begin and bring your yellow T-shirt) which will be provided on the first day of class and on the first game day inside the PAVILION.)

Registration Deadline August 15th. 

For general questions, information and registration questions please contact: Tony Meza at tmeza@elitesoccer.net