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spring 2024 season

Elite SoccerStars is about the fun of playing soccer, but it’s also about improving skills, age-appropriate competition, playing on a team, and learning to be a good teammate. Elite SoccerStars will enhance their individual technical ability and develop FUN-damental movement skills. It’s still about kids having fun playing soccer, but as important as anything, it’s about a smooth transition to the next level, whatever that next level will be.

All practices and games are coached by Elite Soccer's professional staff.


Elite SoccerStars (K-3rd grade) Program information:
Players can sign up individually or with a team. If you sign up as a team, your team will be scheduled to play on Saturday game days together, but you are not required to practice on the same day/time. Many parents choose to register for the practice day and time that works best for their schedule.

NOTE: Each grade is a separate division and will practice and play with the player's grade level unless numbers need to be mixed. Each gender is a separate division unless numbers need to be mixed.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Divisions
Kindergarten & 1st grade players will be placed into practice groups with 10-12 players and 1 Elite Staff coach on practice days. A full K-1st grade team consists of 5-8 players. Both the Kindergarten division & 1st grade division will play 4v4 during Saturday games. (Note: Not all team members need to practice together, choose the practice day/time that works best for your child. Formed teams will get to play together during Saturday games).

2nd Grade & 3rd Grade Divisions
2nd & 3rd grade players will be placed into practice groups with approximately 8-12 players on practice days. A full 2nd & 3rd grade team consists of 6-9 players.The 3rd grade division will be playing 5v5 or 6v6 while the 2nd grade division may play 4v4, 5v5 or 6v6 depending on the number of players during Saturday games. 2nd and 3rd grades may be merged together based on registration numbers.

SPRING 2024 Practice and Game Day Overview:

SoccerStars (K-3rd grade) practices (7 weeks): 
First week of practice: 4/1/2024
Last week of practice: 5/13/2024
(Practices are 60 minutes long)

SoccerStars K-3rd grade games (6 Saturday game days): You May Form your own Team! 
First game day: 4/13/2024
Last game day: 5/18/2024

*Games are on Saturdays scheduled between 8:40am-2:30pm (Please arrive 10 minutes before games begin)- Game Schedules will be released 1 week prior to the first game day*. 

Saturday Game Information:

Elite S.C. SoccerStars Team Rosters
Elite S.C. SoccerStars Game Schedule

Field Map

Game Day FAQ

SoccerStars SPRING 2024 Registration Schedule:  You May Form your Own Team!

Kindergarten Only.  Monday.  9:30-10:30am.  4/1-5/13.  $185.00.  Register here 

Kindergarten Only.  Tuesday.  9:30-10:30am.  4/2-5/14 $185.00.  Register here

Kindergarten Only.  Tuesday.  1:45-2:45pm.  4/2-5/14.  $185.00. Register here

Kindergarten Only.  Wednesday.  1:00-2:00pm.  4/3-5/15.  $185.00. Register here

K-3rd Grade.  Monday.  4:00-5:00pm.  4/1-5/13.  $185.00. Register here 

K-3rd Grade.  Monday.  5:10-6:10pm.  4/1 - 5/13.  $185.00.  Register here

K-3rd Grade.  Wednesday. 4:00-5:00pm.  4/3-5/15.  $185.00.  Register here  

K-3rd Grade. Wednesday.  5:10-6:10pm.  4/3-5/15.  $185.00.  Register here

K-3rd Grade.  Thursday.  4:00-5:00pm.  4/4-5/16.  $185.00.  Register here

K-3rd Grade.  Thursday.  5:10-6:10pm.  4/4-5/16.  $185.00.  Register here

Practice and Game Location:

St. Peter Lutheran Church and School

111 W. Olive St., Arlington Heights

St. Peter Field Map/Layout 


1. In order to register a team, Click on excel form Spring Soccer Team Form

2. Once the team organizer emails the full team roster, the team parents will be emailed the $15 off coupon code for each player to use towards their fall registration. Please make sure to add your TEAM ORGANIZER's NAME in the "reciprocal friend request section" of the registration. If you have already registered and paid for your child's class before receiving the coupon code, we can give you a $15 credit towards a future class, not as a refund. Email Rob Moore at rmoore@elitesoccer.net prior to registering to get the discount code!

Note again: If you sign up as a team, your team will be scheduled to play on Saturday game days together, but you are not required to practice on the same day/time. Many parents choose to register for the practice day/time that works best for their schedule. 

Remember: K & 1st grade teams consist of 5-8 players. 2nd & 3rd grade teams consist of 6-9 players. If you decide to have more than the recommended numbers on the team (this is not recommended), please note the game playing time may be less for each player. Also, Elite Soccer reserves the right to add players to your team if need be to even out the # of teams. 

Policies and Procedures 

How do I know if my practice or game is canceled?

What to bring to practices:
-Bring a size 3 (K/1st grade) or size 4 (2nd/3rd grade) soccer ball to practices.
-Soccer Cleats and Shin Guards recommended.
-Water Bottle 

What to bring to Game Day: (Please arrive 10 minutes before games begin.)
-Bring [Home: Grey] or [Away: Boys(Red) and Girls(Purple)] t-shirts which will be provided on the first day of class and/or on the first game day in the pavilion.
-Soccer Cleats and Shin Guards.
-Bring Water Bottle.

Practice & Game Day links:
2024 Spring Game Day Team Rosters - TBD
(K-3rd Grade SoccerStars) Spring 2024 Saturday Game Schedule  - TBD
Saturday Game Day FAQ
St. Peter Field Map/Layout

(Please arrive 10 minutes before games begin and bring your Home(Grey) and Away(Boys/Red, Girls Purple) 
t-shirts, which will be provided on the first day of practice and on the first game day inside the PAVILION.)


For general information, and registration questions, please contact:  Rob Moore at rmoore@elitesoccer.net