Mission and Core Values


Elite Soccer aims to be a nationally recognized model program for youth soccer development.  We strive to win, and are committed to youth development, teaching life lessons, and community building, to help develop great kids who are great soccer players.  Elite Soccer brings experienced, professional, caring coaches to teach and develop soccer players from the fun, through the passion, to the demands of elite level soccer players.

Elite S.C.’s core values stem from the fact that being part of our club is about more than soccer.  E.L.I.T.E. players apply these values to training, games, and everyday life.


Elite S.C. expects all of our players to give it their ‘all’ when they step on the field. Growth and development is greatly influenced by effort. Also, we believe in giving 100% effort in all that we do off the field. This applies to schoolwork, community service activities, and even chores around the house. We value giving our best effort in all aspects of life.


Elite S.C. expects all our players to come to training and games with the desire to learn and improve. Of course players will learn soccer skills and game tactics, but more importantly, they will learn life lessons like resilience, work ethic, and humility that they can take with them beyond their soccer careers.


Elite S.C. believes in “doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.” We value fair play and thankfulness. We honor the game!


Elite S.C. believes in unity. Not only do our players belong to a team, but also they belong to a larger Elite S.C. family, who strives to build community by developing youth through soccer.


On the field, we compete at the highest levels of league and tournament play. Elite S.C. believes in developing our players to be excellent, well-rounded, active members of society. Outside of soccer excellence, we encourage and applaud our players to excel in their academic, artistic, leadership, and other endeavors.