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Over the last 20 wears we have consistently developed the area's top HS players with 5 MSL Conference players of the year. Top players have continued their careers at Division I, II, III, and NAIA schools. Elite College Highlights

In our HS boys programs we focus on developing advanced technical skills and tactics in a high level training environment, providing players a strong competitive experience. In this “Advanced Stage” of development, there is an emphasis on refining the technical proficiency, tactical awareness, physical abilities, and mental toughness. There is an increase in commitment, intensity and focus on player performance.  

TACTICAL-component is an essential part of training at this stage.  We place an increased importance on speed of play, quick transition, and other advanced principles of attacking and defending concepts.  Players will learn how to "Play in Systems" which incorporates the combination of mastering team tactical development and technical mastering of the ball.

-Advanced technical training will continue to focus on speed and accuracy with an emphasis on passing and finishing.  Individual creativity/ability will also be encouraged in combination with learning to make correct tactical choices within game situations.

 component will focus on speed and agility, strength and conditioning.

-development focuses on strengthening the team concept and developing leadership skills, attitude and mental toughness.  Players are expected to show commitment to the team, concentration in training sessions and competitiveness during the game.

The Program provides opportunities to develop and prepare for high school soccer and beyond.  At this stage of development there is a strong need to prepare our athletes for the demands of higher-level competition and increase their exposure to more advanced techniques and tactics.  The overall goal for both programs remains long term player development.

Teams in the past have played in the NISL, National Premier League-NPL, US Club State Cup, US Club Regional, National Cup and other local/regional/national tournaments.  (Past Tournaments:  Midwest Cup-IL, SLSG Showcase-MO, Mayors Cup-Las Vegas, Players Cup-Las Vegas, San Francisco Cup-CA, Blue Chip Showcase-Ohio, Indy Cup, IN)  

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