John Fox

Staff Coach

    • Bio- Starting playing soccer at age 5 when my mom signed up to be on a team. She told me to go out and practice "soccer" and I had never heard that word before. My brother and I took a ball out and he was pretty sure you couldn't use your hands, but we had no other clue how to play. We became part of one of the first teams to every form in my hometown of Vancouver, Washington, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. We lucked out that our coach was a very skilled young neighbor from Germany. He taught us what an amazing game soccer was when all the other athletes in our area gravitated toward baseball and basketball. He was the only coach I had until I went to college. My high school did not have a varsity soccer team, but we did have a club team. I had a short college career when I walked on to Santa Clara University and played under former U.S. National Team coach, Steve Sampson. After graduating college in Education I coached the varsity boys soccer team at Ingraham High School in Seattle for two years. I have been coaching for Elite for 12 years. As a career, I have been teaching middle school for 22 years. I am currently teaching at Jack London Middle School in Wheeling. I live in Evanston with my wife and three kids.